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Pumice Stone Foot Scrub
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Cocoa-Mint Foot Butter
Lend your feet a helping hand with Bath Nation's invigorating foot butter. We mix rich, nourishing cocoa and Shea butters with pure mint essential oils to create a thick, effective moisturizer for your dry, neglected extremities. An excellent after-treatment when scrubbing with our Pumice Foot Stone Scrub. Before bed, scrub, slather on some Cocoa-Mint Butter, put on some socks, and then wake up to soft feet in the morning.
Simply apply as needed to reap the benefits of this minty-fresh cream, which can also be used on other particularly parched parts such as elbows and knees. Repeat as needed.

2 fl. oz.

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Cocoa-Mint Foot Butter 
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