Citrus Squeeze - One sniff of this bright, sweet citrus scent is all it takes to transport you to your happy place. One of the best citrus scents you'll ever smell.
Cabernet Crush - A completely unique and unforgettable fragrance. Sophisticated grape with a touch of black currant makes this one of our best-selling scents.
Cucumber Mint - Fresh cucumber and garden vegetals touched with a kiss of peppermint and spearmint. Think refreshing.
Green Tea - The perfect spa scent. Herbal green tea with a hint of mandarin evokes a fresh calm. This is an excellent unisex scent.
Lavender and Violets - Soothing lavender essential oil sweetened by Persian violets calms and soothes.
Ginger Lime - Very spa. A hint of lime over an herbal tea and ginger base. Effervescent on the nose.
Coconut Vanilla - A rich, fresh coconut melds with creamy vanilla.
Cucumber Splash - Cucumber and cantaloupe. More melon than cucumber. Think sweet.
Berry Blast - Black Currant, Black Raspberry, Blackberry. Very berry noir. Sweet and commanding.
Onaona - Mango, papaya, and coconut blended together for a tropical delight.
Unscented - For when you need the moisture but don't need the scent.
Vintage Cranberry - (Limited Edition) The perfect balance of sweet and tart cranberry, Vintage Cranberry is the essence of the Season.
Pomander - (Limited Edition) Our Pomander scent mulls mandarin orange and clove to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling of Fall.

Lip Conditioner Flavors

Coconut Grapefruit - A unique blend of tangy grapefruit and sweet coconut milk.
Cream Puff - Luscious vanilla and caramel-infused pastry cream.
Iced tea - A cool, slightly citrusy glass of iced tea.
Mochaccino - A rich chocolate and coffee blend.
Peppermint Vanilla - A tingly fusion of peppermint and creamy vanilla.
Sangria - A melange of fresh fruits and red wine.