The Bath Nation Community

Bath Nation is more than just a retailer for bath and body products, we are a community of people devoted to enjoying the finer things in life. Included are the wonderful Colorado spas that use Bath Nation products in their back bar. In our blog we would like to feature these relaxing and delightful local destinations that make us feel great.

Urban Escape Day Spa, located in Golden, Colorado, is one of these places. They have been using our wholesale spa products in their back bar for a while now and we could not be happier. Urban Escape Day Spa is an incredible Oasis just outside the city of Denver where you can expect to be pampered, de-stressed and taken into a state of complete relaxation. They perform services such as Microdermabrasion, a Clear Creek Stone Massage, and an exfoliating Signature Relaxing Salt Rub. I dare you to find something you wouldn’t enjoy because I can’t!

Bath Nation has a number of different products being used by Urban Escape day spa. For example check out their Green Tea Body Wrap, Citrus Squeeze Body Scrub, or the Wine Country Escape Massage Treatment. These spa treatments will likely change your life in ways you cannot imagine. We are proud to have Urban Escape Day Spa be a part of the Bath Nation. If you are interested in any of the wonderful spa products and services they have to offer, please visit or call (303) 278-1709. If you are a spa and are interested in learning more about Bath Nation’s spa products available for wholesale please contact us.

How to Make a Pomander

Orange and clove PomanderWhat is a Pomander?

A Pomander is essentially a perfumed ball. Pomanders throughout history have come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, perfumed with various scents such as ambergris, civet, musk, as well as lavender, rosemary, and cloves to mention a few.

Pomanders first appeared in the late Middle Ages and were quite popular through the 17th Century. Even Nostradamus had a complicated recipe for Pomanders. Today, many pomanders are made from oranges studded with cloves. Eventually they dry out and cure and can be used for years as interesting and fragrant items. Sometimes they are put in drawers to keep linens and clothes smelling fresh and also to keep away moths. One thing is for sure, though. They smell awesome!

How to Make a PomanderPomander

These things are so easy to make. The only thing that might give you trouble is if the orange you are working with has a tough skin. It will be hard to press the cloves in and after a few your fingertips will start to hurt. There is an easy fix, though. Before pushing in the clove, use something like an ice pick or tiny screw driver to pre-poke the hole before pushing the clove in.

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

DIY Pomander step 1You’ll only needs two things. Oranges (or in this case Mandarin/Clementine/Satsuma/Tangerine) and whole cloves.


Step 2: Grab that Orange and a Clove

DIY Pomander step 2

Pinch the clove with your fingers.



Step 3: Press in the Clove

DIY Pomander step 3

Yup, just like that. Press it in. If the skin is too tough, use something like an ice pick, awl, or even a very small screw driver to make the hole first. Then press in the clove.

Step 4: Continue to work your Pattern

DIY Pomander step 4

Keep pushing the cloves in keeping in mind the pattern you’d like to make. Try different spacings for your patterns. Some spread out, some jammed right against each other for different looks.


Step 5: Admire your finished Pomander

And there you have it! A beautiful, hand-crafted, wonderful smelling Pomander. Give it a sniff. Oh yeah, that’s a perfect Fall scent right there!



Some Design ideas:


So what’s up with all the Pomander talk?

Oh not much. Just the fact that we now have a Pomander Sugar Polish and Pomander Crème! Nothing embodies the heart and soul of Autumn like the scent of orange touched with a hint of spice. Our Pomander scent mulls mandarin orange and clove to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling of Fall.

We hope you enjoyed this fun DIY blog post. Stop by the grocery store and pick up some oranges and cloves and make your own Pomanders today!

Halloween Horror Story

This Halloween there is only one thing out there that you need to be very afraid of. I am talking about a scaly monstrosity that will send shivers down your spine and make your blood curdle. It hides in the cool, dry air and will suck the moisture out of you. Its flakes will cover your clothes and once you are infected cause you torment and suffering.

I am of course talking about dry hands. The good news is that you can protect yourself from this Halloween horror story by using lotion. In Colorado, we live in a very dry and arid climate, and with the cooler weather, it gets worse.

Dry hands are a tragedy that can easily be averted. You do not need silver bullets, garlic, wooden stakes or any other means of vampire extermination. Armed with the Silk Skin conditioners from Bath Nation you can protect yourself from the dry hand apocalypse even Zombies would fear by using our many bath and body products.

Our hand lotions are not brewed in a Witch’s kettle with snake eyes, newt hands and dragon’s teeth. They are formulated using our Intelligent Organic Skincare philosophy. All of our products are paraben-free, pthalate-free, and dye-free, and we source organically produced ingredients whenever possible! Bath Nation moisturizers are easily absorbed by your skin helping restore it to a healthy and supple texture leaving behind only softness and a luxurious scent.

Don’t be scared to visit our moisturizers page to see the wonderful bath products we offer to make your skin feel great. Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Bath Nation Presidential Debate

With the first presidential debate happening in Denver, Colorado there is only one logical thing to blog about. Our Onaona Hawaiian Salt Rub! Although some people still don’t believe President Obama is from Hawaii, you can rest assured that our Onaona Hawaiian Salt Rub has the correct documentation to prove everything! Made from natural Hawaiian Alaea sea salts, our salt rub will gently smooth and purify dull and dry skin.

Let the Bath Nation Debate begin!

  • Lets talk foreign policy. Would you like to travel to tropical destinations every evening? Use Bath Nation as your passport and never get caught in security again. The Onaona scrub will take you straight to the beach.
  • Tax Increases. Not likely. The only taxing part of using this scrub will be the effort needed to remove yourself from the bath after you are done.
  • Health Care Reform. That’s easy. Your mind, body and soul will be improved with the use of this salt rub. Enjoy an experience that is good and good for you.
  • Economy Stimulation. At only $24 for 8 fluid ounces, the Onaona salt scrub is easy on the wallet. Locally produced here in Colorado, you will see the multiplier effect!

Thanks for attending the 2012 Bath Nation presidential debate. For more information on the Onaona Hawaiian Salt Rub click here!


A Hike in Colorado

Here in Colorado the Aspen leaves are already changing leafing (hahaha) us with little time left to enjoy high elevation hiking. For those of you that enjoy a hike in the wild, the experience can surely be memorable. Last weekend I personally got to see a full size bull moose! It was incredible. However, after miles of hiking the steep, rocky Colorado terrain, my feet were left sore and battered. They were in dire need of some tender loving care. Luckily, since I work for Bath Nation, I had the answer! (The perks of the job.)

Sometimes it is tough to live here (yeah right). I want to enjoy outdoor activities but I still want to look good. When it comes to hiker’s foot, I use the pumice stone foot scrub to exfoliate my tender feet. The exfoliating properties of our powdered pumice stone are buffered by the thick, whipped moisture base so my feet can feel smooth, soft, and rejuvenated.

Rubbing the scrub on your feet focusing on the dry areas will help you go from Rambo to Rambeautiful. Don’t give up your passions whether it is hiking, running, skiing or something else. We got you covered. Repair the damage you inflict on your feet with great foot products like the pumice stone foot scrub.

Welcome to Bath Nation!

We are excited to join the blogosphere for bath products and the pampering lifestyle. Since 2002 we have been providing quality bath products made by hand in Golden, Colorado. We are celebrating our 10th year of business thanks to our wonderful customers!

We have created this blog to showcase how to use Bath Nation products, explain delightful pampering techniques, and create fun conversations around cleansing the mind, body and soul. Our Intelligent Skincare Philosophy blends Mother Nature with modern science creating products like lip conditioners and salt rubs that feel good and are good for you. Our unique scents will take you away and allow you to relax whether you are at the spa or in the comfort of your home.

Although we are a Colorado based bath products company, we ship all over the world. Many spas in Denver use our products such as the Cabernet Salt Rub and the Green Tea Sugar Polish in their back bar. Check them out for the ultimate in spa experience. This local attitude with a global reality is why we call ourselves Bath Nation. We are one Nation, born out of a passion for pampering and a love of bath products.